Classical Guitars

Quartertone 650mm Classical after Hauser

Offering fine classical guitars built to Hauser specs. Offering any equal temperament fretting. This guitar is loud, with Bass-range clarity and beautiful Mid-range air near the traditional F#. Standard Features:
- Spruce or Cedar
- Single, or 3 piece Rosewood, Mahogany, or Cedar Neck - Brazilian Rosewood sides matching head plate (options available)
- 650mm Ebony or Rosewood fingerboard
- Choice of Equal or Just Intonation Fretted Tuning (Fretwire options)
- Various Finishes available
- Design built precision to Hauser Specs
- Made in the USA - Ships with ATA Flight ready case
LIST PRICE: $4,499.00+-
DIRECT: $3,999.00+-
Estimated Build Time: 4 Months Email us!