Send us a picture of you with your guitar and a link to your music!

ILEVENS - live in studio "Zodexer"

Brendan Byrnes

Brendan Byrnes music can be found at 22-tone Guitar Demonstration and Piece

Cryptic Ruse

Cryptic Ruse: Progressive Metal in 13, 15, and 23-tones at

Noah Jordan of Redrick Sultan

Visit their bandcamp page at Redrick Sultan in the recording studio with a 22-tone guitar.

Stephen James Taylor Stephen's music can be found on Itunes here. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot by Stephen James Taylor Get the extended version of Swing Low in 31-tone on Itunes here.

Chris Vaisvil Chris Vaisvil's microtonal album on the theme of atoms.

Rob Fielding

Rob has many quartertone guitar demos on youtube which are very interesting. He's also the programmer of microtonally compatible applications like 'Xstrument'. Check out Rob's approach to playing Maqam music with quartertone guitar here:

Gregory Sanchez

Greg Sanchez is a guitarist who has performed at events like Microfest. Check out Greg's music here: Greg with his Sword 19-tone 7-String Guitar.

Last Sacrament

Last Sacrament is a Microtonal metal band that uses 16-tone equal temperament. Check out LS's music here: Here is the debut Last Sacrament album, 'Enantiodromia' recorded with Mavila-tuned 16-tone 7-string guitars.