Bohlen - Pierce Instruments

These are non-octave guitars, fretted in the BP or Bohlen-Pierce scale. These are experimental guitars and basses specially fretted for odd harmonics using a 13 step scale to the tritave, or 31. We can make these instruments with any number of strings and scale lengths. Email Us and order your BP touch stick, Piccolo guitar, or Baritone Bass today!! Bohlen-Pierce Piccolo 9-string Birdseye Maple Neck, Paduak-top guitar The Bohlen Pierce scale page coming soon!

The Bohlen Pierce scale is a 13-step non octave scale which is tempered to the 3/1. This curious fretting hits odd harmonics from the harmonic series similar to dominant sounding chords with 3:5:7, 5:7:9, and when extended to 39-steps microtonally 3:5:7:9:11:13:15 and so forth. The scales original properties were first discovered by Heinz Bohlen and John Pierce, and the triple-BP's properties by Paul Erlich. This guitar was unveiled at the very first Bohlen-Pierce Symposium in Boston, MA March 8-10 2010, held at North Eastern Conservatory and Berklee College of Music.

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