Six String Microtonal Guitars

Custom Electric Guitars and Kits are on the way! (Update:9/29/2014)

Finished 15-EDO to 41-EDO Microtonal Strats

19-tone 19-tone 24-EDO / Quartertone Strat 24-tone
For the classic guitarist who is interested in new scales and microtonality, Metatonal Music offers Microtonal Strats in Black and Creme colors.  Simply choose your Equal Division Fretting Below in the form. Construction and features are like that of a classic strat. 24-EDO Strats are the perfect instrument for studying arabic Maqamat, as the scale contains a 2-step distributionally even version of a "10-note diatonic" like scale called 'Maqamic'. 19-tone Strats are perfect for guitarists interested in Meantone and 7 and 11 limit scales and harmonies. Standard Features:
- Alder or Basswood body, maple neck, bolt-on
- Gotoh or locking tuners
- 25.5" scale rosewood, maple, or ebony fingerboard (with inlay choice)
- Tuning and Fretwire options
- Single coil pickups
- One Volume, Two Tone controls
- Standard Bridge
- Choice of Color and fretboard
- Chrome or Black hardware (Chrome is standard)
- Made in USA - Ships with Case
LIST PRICE: $899.00
DIRECT: $899.00
Equal Temperament
Equal Temperament