Microtonal Replacement Necks

Metatonal Music offers replacement strat necks for equal temperaments 13 through 41. If you want something custom just email us! We also offer Just Intonation and Non-octave fretting. Replacement necks will fit most strat guitar makes and models. For international shipping options email us for rates, we ship worldwide. Metatonalmusic@gmail.com.

Closed for the season! We will not be taking any additional orders until early November. Feel free to still email us with any questions or to join our waiting list.

Microtonal Replacement Strat Necks

King Gizzard / Saz fretted replacement strat Neck - 320$!

Available in maple and rosewood with or without dots.

17-tone Replacement Strat Neck, Maple, black dots, side dots - $320

17-tone Replacement Strat Neck, Rosewood, white dots, side dots, maqamic [10] - $320

19-tone Replacement Strat Neck, Birdseye Maple, side dots only - $330

Microtonal Guitar Scale books are also available!

Email us at Metatonalmusic @ gmail.com