The Stallion

The Stallion is an ergo guitar design that tilts the guitar's neck upwards so the player's shoulders stay relaxed. Students and Classical guitar players are aware of the importance of good posture and what hours of bad posture can feel like. So here we have a built-in A-frame similar to a classical guitar that allows for this tilt to work. The tilt is probably the most important factor in an ergonomic guitar and I noticed as a designer and teacher a lack of this being fulfilled in the electric guitar world. One night I was making sketches for a built-in A-frame electric guitar while watching one of my all time favorite TV shows, 'Bonanza', and noticed the sketch was horse-like. Hence the name, 'The Stallion". - Ron

3-Octave (36-fret) 12-tone Stallion for those pesky Paganini arpeggios!!

More Stallions are on the way!