12-tone Hybrid Fretting

Hybrid fretted guitars are 12-tone standard guitars with added Just intonation frets from various subsets and harmonics as entry to the microtonal world.
When we started adding frets to the 12-tone standard guitar scale, neat things started happening- and it became apparent we should offer these cool guitars. Of course we also offer retrofitting services for any guitar as well as custom scales.

In the case for this guitar A= root 1/1 for added frets, working nicely with strings E and D:

7/4 \G is E's 7/6 and D's 21/16.

7/6 \C is E's 14/9 and D's 7/4.

9/7 /C# is E's 12/7 and D's 27/14.

14/9 \F is E's 28/27 (tempered 27/26) and D's 7/6.

11/8 D+ is E's 11/6 and D's 33/32.

11/9 C+ is E's 44/27 and D's 11/6.

13/8 F+ is E's 13/12 and D's 39/32 (tempered 17/14).

33/32 A+ is E's 11/8 and D's 99/64 (more heavily tempered 20/13).