We are extremely grateful and proud to have worked with these artists. These are true guitarnauts exploring realms never played or experienced before on guitar.

More samples soon....


Brendan Byrnes - Sunspots (27-EDO)

Brendan Byrnes - Piece for Two 22 EDO Electric Guitars

Stephen James Taylor - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (31-EDO 9-string)

The Mercury tree - Superposition of silhouettes (17-EDO)

The Mercury Tree - Spidermilk album

Feeding Fingers - Arrive a Leech (15-EDO)

Ron Sword - Demo piece for utonal just intonation guitar

Ventifacts - Pacific (24-EDO)

Cryptic Ruse - Pineal Algebra (various tunings)

The Mercury tree + Cryptic Tree - Cryptic Tree (17-EDO)

Aaron Myers-Brooks - Energy Shapes (17-EDO)

Monochromatic Residua - Eternal Mountain (17-EDO)

Last Sacrament - Enantiodromia (16-EDO)

Jute Gyte - Mitrealit├Ąt (24-EDO)

Redrick Sultan - Flying a kite (16-EDO)

Xotla - Riptide Tangle (17-EDO)